Turn-Key Solution

We also provide a Turn‐Key Solution to oversee your in house laboratory.

With our turn‐key models, you as a physician have the following benefits:

  • Increase reimbursements
  • Better health outcomes for your patients
  • Save time for both you and your patients.

POLS sets-up, runs and manages your laboratory by:

  • Collaboration to obtain CLIA status
  • Oversee all evaluations
  • Validate complexity chemistry analyzer
  • Obtain and hire qualified personnel who insure timely running of samples.

Why should Pain Treatment Centers work with POLS?

  • The treatment of chronic pain with potentially addictive medications creates an atmosphere of doubt, accusation and questioning that is detrimental to therapeutic patient / physician relationship.
  • The rational use and understanding of urine drug testing (UDT) can provide meaningful objective data to support sound decisions for patient care.
  • Having an in house drug screening lab will insure timely results, helping the physician make immediate decisions for patient care.
  • POLS drug screening lab results are clear, concise and logically presented.
  • They can be integrated into your EMR system, or printed for the Physician's review.
  • Also the semi‐qualitative immunoassay results insure patients that drug screen is taken seriously.
  • Monitoring also provides an early indication of drug abuse, signaling a possible need to adjust an individual's treatment plan to better meet his or her needs.

What POLS will Provide:

  • Hire and train all CLIA Required Personnel for a High Complexity Laboratory.
  • Provide a Moderate or High Complexity Chemistry Analyzer to perform Urine toxicology testing.
  • Complete initial validation and correlation studies
  • Maintenance and preventive care contract for the Analyzer at the provider’s office.
  • Computer and printer setup with the high complexity analyzer and ink and paper for the printer.
  • Reagents, controls, calibrators, cuvettes and other disposables
  • De-ionized water set up or de‐ionized water from outside source for the high complexity laboratory at the provider’s medical office
  • Perform Quarterly Proficiency Testing per CLIA guidelines.
  • Appropriate refrigerator to keep reagents, calibrators and controls with appropriate temperature.
  • A fully effect operating In House Drug Screening lab with no worries or concerns.
  • Provider shall establish a mutually designated area of adequate size,furniture and utilities adequate for POL Specialists to properly carry out and provide the High Complexity Laboratory Services.
  • Provider shall be responsible for all activities necessary or required for the safe operation and licensure of Provider's office.
  • Provider will be responsible for billing patients and any thirdparty payers directly for all Services rendered under this Agreement that are ordered by physician and provided per medical necessity to physician's care.
  • Provider will be responsible for assigning a physician from the practice as the clinical consultant for the High Complexity Laboratory. The job description of Medical Consultant is as followed:
    1. The clinical consultant must be qualified to consult with and render opinions to the laboratory's clients concerning the diagnosis, treatment and management of patient care.
    2. Be a doctor of medicine, doctor of osteopathy, doctor of podiatric medicine licensed to practice medicine, osteopathy, or podiatry in the State in which the laboratory is located.
  • Provider shall be responsible for State / CLIA Fees as the laboratory is owned and is a part of provider’s medical practice and the laboratory tests are performed and billed to Medicare, third party insurances or selfpay by provider office.

Turn Key for POL

Why work with POLS?

  1. Setting up and running a Moderate or High Complexity Laboratory at a medical office is a complex and costly venture.
  2. Most medical offices do not have resources and, or personnel to run such a process.
  3. There are application to complete, Documents to create, equipment to research, test to research, personal to hire, and much more.
  4. Consequently they either choose CLIA Waive Status or sent their urine samples to independent laboratories. This is where POLS can help.