General Supervisor

Job Description

The general supervisor is responsible for day?to?day supervision or oversight of the laboratory operation and personnel performing testing and reporting test results. In the absence of the director and technical supervisor, the general supervisor must be responsible for the proper performance of all laboratory procedures and reporting of test results.

The general supervisor

  1. Must be accessible to testing personnel at all times testing is performed to provide on?site, telephone or electronic consultation to resolve technical problems in accordance with policies and procedures established either by the laboratory director or technical supervisor.
  2. Is responsible for providing day?to?day supervision of high complexity test performance by a testing personnel qualified under § 493.1489.


  • Masters, or Bachelors Degree in Chemical, Physical, and Biological or clinical Laboratory Science or Medical Technology from an accredited institution and have at least one year of Laboratory training or experience or both in High Complexity testing.

Required Skills

  •  The skills required for proper specimen collection, including patient preparation, if applicable, labeling, handling, preservation or fixation, processing or preparation, transportation and storage of specimens.
  •  The skills required for implementing all standard laboratory procedures
  •  The skills required for performing each test method and for proper instrument use
  •  The skills required for performing preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and calibration procedures related to each test performed
  •  A working knowledge of reagent stability and storage
  •  The skills required to implement the quality control policies and procedures of the laboratory
  •  The skills required to assess and verify the validity of patient test results through the evaluation of quality control values before reporting patient test results.
  •  Adhere to the laboratorys quality control policies, document all quality control activities, instrument and procedural calibrations and maintenance performed
  •  Be capable of identifying problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results and either must correct the problems or immediately notify the technical consultant, clinical consultant or director
  •  Document all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the laboratorys established performance specifications.

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