Lab Manuals- SOP

Standard Operating Procedures are documents prepared to describe step-by-step instructions to achieve a predictable, standardized desired result often within the context of a longer overall process. These detailed, written instructions aim to achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific function no matter who is performing them. In a laboratory setting standard operating procedures are required to meet specific regulations set by federal, state, and local entities who regulate laboratory performance. Since each laboratory has different instrumentation, laboratory information systems (LIS), and processes to prepare their specimens for testing, storage, and disposal, each SOP will require detail that the specific laboratory must include.

POLS will provide a list of procedures that are common to the laboratory field. These procedures are considered templates or drafts that must be edited with specific information that comes from the laboratory. Information like the specific parameters for the instrumentation used in that lab, specific reagents, controls, and standards. Since there are multiple suppliers of each, it is the Client’s responsibility to review and edit these procedures to be specific to their situation.

POLS is not responsible for these edits since they are not aware of each detail performed in your laboratory. Once the Client has made these edits, the Client must send the procedure to the Lab Director to review and approve. If the Lab Director has changes specific to POLS’s templates or drafts, POLS will work with the Lab Director to make the necessary changes.